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There is no greater honor than the feeling of accomplishment. Whether it involves attaining a goal, meeting an expectation, or obtaining a memento to commemorate some intangible victory, achievement of any sort […]

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Birthright 2012 Cover

Christine Beggs, Founder of Ripples Edge Media

(Regarding “Birthright 2012: A Voyage into the Heart and Soul of Israel”)

“‘Birthright 2012: A Voyage into the Heart and Soul of Israel’ is both a study of ethnic identity and journey of a young person’s development. Insightful lessons garnered from intensive exposure to one’s heritage make for an engaging read. Quite a ride.”
Christine Beggs
Founder, Ripples Edge Media

Birthright 2012 Cover

Richard Woolf, Founder of Woolf Financial

(Regarding “Birthright 2012: A Voyage into the Heart and Soul of Israel”)

I purchased Andrew Blitman’s book shortly before a recent ten-day trip to Israel (my first). It proved to be a very worthwhile purchase. The book is well-written, entertaining and packed with information. I used it as a guide and reference source for each of the cities I visited. Although my guide for the ten-day trip was extremely knowledgeable, I found much information in Blitman’s book that went beyond that which the guide provided, and I was pleased to have it with me at each of the sites I visited during a busy 10 days in Israel. It greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the trip. I highly recommend it.

Richard Woolf, Founder of Woolf Financial


Blitman Anthology Cover

S.C. Ali, Author of “The Bronze Treasures”

(Regarding “The Blitman Anthology”)

“The Blitman Anthology is an excellent book that many will enjoy. Because it is an anthology, it isn’t monotonous, since the book shifts tactfully from poems to short stories to essays. In addition, I am greatly impressed at how many topics Mr. Blitman covers in his book. It will appeal to many audiences, but those who ponder about the philosophical meaning of our present society will have a special appreciation for the book. Finally, it serves as an excellent moral compass for high school and college students alike. I highly recommend it to all!!”

S.C. Ali, Author of “The Bronze Treasures” and Founder of https://bronzelifestyle.wordpress.com/

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